Who Knows about Your Nonprofit? Social Media and Internet Sites are Watching!

Who Knows about Your Nonprofit? Social Media and Internet Sites are Watching!

A public charity status brings with it many benefits for your nonprofit. However, you may not realize that your public charity status allows your nonprofit’s information to be available to the public.  Many donors are researching nonprofits before donating to ensure their investment will have the greatest impact. Many social media and internet sites now not only publish your Form 990 but also may provide rankings and reviews.  Your reputation is your #1 Asset, so monitoring these avenues to ensure your nonprofit’s story and impact are properly reported is extremely important!

Common Websites for Nonprofits

  • GuideStar (www.guidestar.org)– Anyone can use the free registration option on this website to access over 1.8 million nonprofit’s Form 990 and other information  listed on their website.  Users are able to search by type of nonprofit and location.  In addition, nonprofits can promote their work by providing additional information to be added to their GuideStar listing.   Donors can also give to a nonprofit as well as provide a review.
  • Charity Navigator (http://www.charitynavigator.org) – This free registration option on this website to access nonprofit information  listed on their website, including: Form 990s, charities to watch out for, hot topics in the nonprofit industry, guidance for donors, etc.   This website has reviews of over 8,000 nonprofits. Reviews are allowed to be submitted only if the charity has been filing Form 990s for at least 7 years, and if they are funded primarily by individual donors and foundations.

Websites – Offering Reviews of Nonprofit Organizations

  • Great Nonprofits (http://www.greatnonprofits.org) – Allow nonprofits to submit their own stories from clients, volunteers, and donors to spread the word about the impact of your nonprofit.  The general public can review as well. Reviews are shared with GuideStar, JustGive and other donor platforms.
  • Charity Watch (https://www.charitywatch.org) – This website provides independent reviews of many nonprofits, and advocates for the donor’s interest.

Other Popular Websites – Resources for Form 990 or other nonprofit information

  • National Center for Charitable Statistics (nccsweb.urban.org) – Provides basic nonprofit information and the latest Form 990.
  • Charity Check 101 (www.charitycheck101.org) – Very basic information on the nonprofit. Provides links to other websites for Form 990 access.
  • Charity Stat (http://charitystat.com) – Very basic information on the nonprofit and provides a comparison to other similar nonprofits.

Other Tips

Don’t forget to monitor your own website, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts!

  • Maintaining your website, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts for your nonprofit is important because donors want to see improvement and progress for the cause they support. Keep these sites fresh and up-to-date otherwise donors may wonder if your nonprofit is still operating (or if you still need their donations)!

Here are examples of the top-rated nonprofit websites for ideas!


Differentiating your nonprofit from others who do similar work is vital and can be done by having a strong presence and up-to-date and accurate information on navigation websites!

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