North Carolina Escheats

North Carolina's unclaimed property law requires all companies and institutions operating in the State to examine their books and other accounting records by a specific deadline to determine whether they are in possession of dormant unclaimed property.  All abandoned properties have a dormant period before they are deemed to be “escheatable” and subject to [...]

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Traveling for Business and Pleasure — What’s Deductible?

Business owners who travel out of town on business sometimes like to extend their trips and take a little time to relax and see the sights. When a trip is partly for business and partly for pleasure, various expenses may still be deductible. Domestic Travel A self-employed individual whose trip is primarily for business [...]

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Time for a Midyear Tax Checkup?

Tax planning is not just a year-end event.  Changes that effect your tax situation happen throughout the year.  In the midst of your summer fun, taking time for a midyear tax checkup could yield rewards long after your vacation photos are buried deep in your Facebook feed. For example, if you experience any of [...]

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Who Knows about Your Nonprofit? Social Media and Internet Sites are Watching!

A public charity status brings with it many benefits for your nonprofit. However, you may not realize that your public charity status allows your nonprofit’s information to be available to the public.  Many donors are researching nonprofits before donating to ensure their investment will have the greatest impact. Many social media and internet sites [...]

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Payroll Risks for Nonprofits

Payroll costs, including salaries, benefits, and taxes are often the largest expense incurred by nonprofits. Yet many nonprofits do not see payroll as high risk for fraud, non-compliance, or errors.  Here are a few areas you need to think about as you evaluate your payroll processes and review your payroll.  Personnel files must include [...]

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Role of Board Treasurer in a Nonprofit

The expectations and underrated role of a board treasurer for a nonprofit organization vary widely. The treasurer of a nonprofit is usually appointed by the members of that organization’s board, and the position requires financial expertise as well as dedication, time and patience. The duties of the treasurer normally are spelled out in the [...]

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What’s Taxable to an S Corporation Shareholder?

S corporation shareholders have extra reason to worry about their company’s annual performance: It has a direct impact on their own income taxes. How It Works Unlike a regular C corporation, an S corporation usually doesn’t pay federal income taxes itself. Instead, each shareholder is allocated a portion of the corporate income, loss, deductions, [...]

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The Rental Route

Buy or lease property? It’s a decision many small businesses face. Owning real estate certainly can have advantages, including the opportunity to build equity. But many small businesses in need of space choose the rental route instead. Cash Flow Considerations By leasing, a company can avoid taking on debt to acquire a property. Less [...]

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2017 Tax Rate Schedule

Click here for a schedule of selected tax rates applicable for the 2016 and 2017 tax years. These include payroll tax rates and local property tax rates. The tax rate schedule also provides the social security earnings thresholds for determining how much income you can earn each year before losing any social security benefits you are due to [...]

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IRS Reduces Standard Mileage Rates for 2017

The IRS has announced decreases in the standard mileage rates that taxpayers will use for calculating business, medical, and moving expenses in 2017. Use of the standard mileage rate is a popular alternative to using the actual expense method, which requires taxpayers to keep track of specific costs for maintenance, repairs, tires, gas, oil, [...]

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