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Who Knows about Your Nonprofit? Social Media and Internet Sites are Watching!

A public charity status brings with it many benefits for your nonprofit. However, you may not realize that your public charity status allows your nonprofit’s information to be available to the public.  Many donors are researching nonprofits before donating to ensure their investment will have the greatest impact. Many social media and internet sites [...]

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Payroll Risks for Nonprofits

Payroll costs, including salaries, benefits, and taxes are often the largest expense incurred by nonprofits. Yet many nonprofits do not see payroll as high risk for fraud, non-compliance, or errors.  Here are a few areas you need to think about as you evaluate your payroll processes and review your payroll.  Personnel files must include [...]

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Role of Board Treasurer in a Nonprofit

The expectations and underrated role of a board treasurer for a nonprofit organization vary widely. The treasurer of a nonprofit is usually appointed by the members of that organization’s board, and the position requires financial expertise as well as dedication, time and patience. The duties of the treasurer normally are spelled out in the [...]

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IRS Required Documents to Make Publicly Available

As a public charity, the internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires certain documents to be available for public distribution.  Many know that the annual Form 990, excluding Schedule B, must be made available, if requested. Below is a useful list of documents the IRS requires to be made available to the public: Form 1023 This is [...]

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Upcoming Accounting Standards Changes for Non-profits

Financial statements for nonprofit organizations will be changing soon as a result of new guidance approved in August 2016 by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). By simplifying the face of financial statements together with enhancing note disclosures nonprofits can provide more relevant and useful information about an entity’s resources and changes in those resources.  [...]

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Non-Profit

With the arrival of spring, many are taking a fresh, clean approach to their daily routines. Non-profits should not be excluded. Review the following non-profit spring cleaning tips to get started:  Are your bylaws current? Review your bylaws to ensure you are following established guidelines. If your committees, meeting frequency, board structure, or any other [...]

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Bank Statement Review Guidelines

In order to mitigate fraud risks, managers need to know exactly what to look for when reviewing bank statements and bank reconciliations. To prevent trouble, we offer the tips below. Security. The bank statement should be unopened prior to your review. Unusual Balance Fluctuations. You should review the beginning, ending, and average daily balances to see if [...]

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Record Retention Guidelines for Non-Profit Organizations

To assist you in recordkeeping, here is a Records Retention Schedule published by The Practicing CPA, a publication of the AICPA, to be used as a “guide.” The schedule is adapted to include only information deemed pertinent to non-profit organizations. Note that this is a “guide” and that various regulations and statutory requirements, as well [...]

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